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Applications of Lecture Capture Technology

Examples of uses for Relay and Kaltura at UW Oshkosh

Lecture Capture in the classroom

Instructors commonly use Relay to record the audio and screen of their classes as they occur. This provides students with valuable review materials, allowing them to fill in holes in thier notes, or forego notetaking during class altogether.  Students have reported listening to each recording multiple times each week to enhance their understanding of the materials.

Flipping the Classroom

When an instructor flips the classroom, they prerecord their lectures and assign the viewing of them as homework, allowing the student to arrive at class having already recieved the instruction for the session.  Instructors then use the time they normally would have spent delivering lectures to improve depth of knowledge.  One on One instruction, additional lab time, in-depth discussion, supported problem sets, and group homework assignments are all made possible by prerecording the class content in a flipped classroom environment to allow more time for interaction.

Communications class uses iPod Touches to record video of student presentations.

Fundamentals of Speech has approx. 1200 students enrolled each semester. As a  course requirement, each student is required to present and record a speech in class, for inclusion in their student ePortfolio. Relay and Kaltura offered us an easy solution to this problem.  A profile was written that sends notification emails to the instructor and to a variable that is taken from the title of the presentation.  This allows the instructor to name the file using the students campus username, and have the publication notification be sent automatically to instructor and student. The notification email provides a link to the finished file in Kaltura, compete with embed codes.  The student is able to copy and paste the embed code into their ePortfolio. Using iPod Touches and the Relay Fuse ap, instructors are able to trigger the record and upload with about 20 seconds of work per recording.

Common Online Utilities

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