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Schedule IDEA Lab

Scheduling the IDEA lab details

In order to schedule the IDEA lab you must meet the following criteria.

  • Be faculty or staff member of UW Oshkosh
  • Need no more than 12 computers (though there are additional chairs so participants can share a computer if necessary)
  • Cannot book the lab for an entire semester or for courses that appear in the bulletin. For example the IDEA Lab cannot be booked for the lab portion of a course every tuesday and friday.

Event happening during normal hours (8 - 4:30 M-F):

No special meeting is required. There are plenty of people around the IRC that you can ask if you have questions or need support. Invite the Idea Lab to your event on your calendar in gmail using your UW Oshkosh gmail account.

Events happening after hours:

If your event happens after hours (8:00-4:30 M-F) you need to meet with one of our trainers to go over directions on how to operate the equipment. Please contact Brian Ledwell, 920 424 2191 to schedule a training session.

Scheduling for non-UW Oshkosh employee:

For all events that happen after hours a UW Oshkosh employee must be present in the IDEA lab during the event. We have students who will support staff for $20.00 an hour and must be present for the entire time of the event.

If you are not a UW Oshkosh employee, meet the above criteria and want to schedule the IDEA lab fill out the IDEA labĀ request form An email will be sent to the scheduling staff and you will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

*For last minute scheduling please contact one of the following people

  • Brian Ledwell - 920 424 2191
  • Michelle Loker - 920 424 1154

Emergency Contact

For any emergency that happens after hours please contact the following;

  • Brian Ledwell - 920 216 9919 (cell)
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