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Graphics and Presentations Design and Presentations Lab do not operate for profit. Any charges incurred for services are priced at our cost. However, we do charge for production of electronic output (scanning, pdf creation, optical media duplication, etc), mostly as an incentive for you to learn and use the equipment provided yourself.

We do everything we can to keep your costs to a minimum. Try us first, you'll find that we are a great deal cheaper for a number of our services thanĀ other options on campus. Please see our price list for material rates

We are prohibited by state law from providing service or materials outside of the University community.

Color Laser Printing and Copying

The Presentations Lab employs an HP M855 Color LaserJet and Xerox 7760 Color Laser Printer for its printing needs. It can produce stunning color reproductions on any size paper up to 12x18 inches and can handle a variety of weights and materials. We are capable of copying documents up to 11x17 inches in size and will gladly enlarge, reduce, or crop your documents.

Large Format Printing

Graphics and Presentations Design owns a Hewlett-Packard Z6100 large format color printer, capable of printing posters and banners on poster paper at 300 dots per inch. Files from Illustrator, Freehand, or InDesign work best on this printer, but we can make any image file, Photoshop Document, PowerPoint file, or PDF work as well. Printable dimensions are 41.5 inches by up to 100 feet. We may need up to 2 weeks to print your file, but usually can operate on a 3 or 4 day turnaround.


We can affix your document to foam board, tag board or other provided material. We employ both dry and spray mount processes. We usually operate on a 3 or 4 day turnaround.


We are capable of laminating materials up to 39" in width. We usually operate on a 2 or 3 day turnaround.

CD / DVD Authoring

We provide equipment and software capable of converting your VHS, DVD, or mini-DV tape source to digital format and returning your completed project to VHS, DVD, mini-DV tape, or electronic file. Plan for the length of the video for import, twice the length for editing, and the length again for export to VHS or mini-DV tape. Plan for 3 times the length of the project for export to DVD. (an hour long video will take you an hour to import, 2 hours to edit, and an hour to export to tape-- 4 hours from start to finish. Export to DVD will take approximately 7 hours from start to finish)

CD / DVD Duplication

We can mass duplicate your CD / DVD master at the rate of 20 per hour. Completion time varies with complexity, but we can usually produce 20 CDs or 10 DVDs per hour. We are not willing to violate DMCA restrictions on copying protected materials.


We provide scanners capable of scanning up to 11x17 inches, slides, negatives, and transparencies.
It will take you ~5 minutes per image to scan. If you would like us to scan, please allow 3-4 days.

Design Services

We are here to assist students and staff with their graphic Design needs. We employ 1 full time designer and 2 or 3 graphic design interns that can produce posters, postcards, pamphlets, or anything else you may require for your class or department.

VHS to DVD conversion

We can transfer your VHS tapes to DVD. We may need up to 2 weeks to transfer your tapes, but usually can operate on a 3 or 4 day turnaround. We are not willing to violate copyright protections for you.

Name plates / Door Signs

For Name Plates and Door Signs, follow these directions on the Facilities Management site:

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