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Presentation Design Contact

Graphics and Presentations Design / Presentations Contacts

Sean Ruppert
Coordinator of Graphics and Presentations Design

Sean is the person to call to get the ball rolling on your project, or check on the status of a project. Contact him for poster, pamphlet, or other printed material production. Sean also coordinates large format printing projects, slide production, PDF creation, scanning. and sign production.
Sean is an instructional technologist, specializing in student support. Students should email him with questions about software, ideas for class projects.. Sean has been known to help faculty and staff from time to time as well, provided they ask nicely. Sean holds a B.S. degree in Elementary Education from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Julie Thyssen
Graphic Designer

Julie coordinates production of research posters. Faculty and students in need a research poster Design should contact her. Julie graduated with a Bachlors degree in Advertising from Winona State University.
Phone: (920) 424-1348


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