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ePortfolios and Civic Engagment

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EPortfolios present an interesting way to document, reflect on and assess learning through civic engagement projects. This page presents some of the resources we have developed and will point to other relevant resources.

Provost's Summit 2012

Learning Technologies developed the following posters for the 2012 Provost's Summit on Teaching and Learning. They offer a high level view of how ePortfolio's might be used in civic engagement projects and raise some of the questions you might need to consider in their use.

Image of Poster 1 on Civic Engagement  and Recording  Learning in the CommunityImage of Poster 2 on UWO Civic Engagement PioneersImage of Poster 3 on Creating Rich Media in Civic EngagementImage of poster 4 on possible ethical issues around civic engagement and ePortfolios


PDF copies of the posters can be downloaded:

Common Online Utilities

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