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ePortfolio: Students Start Here

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A launch page for student resources on ePortfolio

An ePortfolio is a collection of your work which can help you identify connections between different courses, see developments in your work, and showcase what you can do.

D2L ePortfolio is part of the D2L system we use and is a personal file store with added tools to help work with and create portfolio presentations from the content you store. Keeping your work in D2L ePortfolio also helps you not lose it!

What is eportfolio for?

The USP uses ePortfolios as part of helping you keep and use the work you do for each course and think about it the bigger picture of your exploration of signature questions in University Studies. The Connect course (in your 4th or 5th semester) gives you a structured way to think about your studies around these questions and *requires* the assignments instructors are asking you to upload.

While the USP and several programs will require you to use ePortfolio, remember that it's yours. You can create websites with the presentation tool to complement your applications for jobs or graduate schools, or to enter into discourse on topics that engage you.

How do I use D2L ePortfolio?

Screenshot of quick ep videos

Quick (30 - 60 second) video overviews on finding your ePortfolio, uploading to it, using the Presentation tool to create a webpage, and more.

Screenshot of D2L FAQ page for uploading to ePortfolio

For step by step guides featuring screenshots, text, and video with voiceover instruction you can follow along with or scan to work through problems, see these D2l FAQ resources. Screenshot links to page onĀ uploading content.

Screenshot of Polk Library's page on ePortfolio

For advice on good tagging and file naming see this guide.

More Help

You can also contact our ePortfolio specialist at or visit his office in Polk 10.

If you're in the University Studies Program your Peer Mentor can answer some questions about your ePortfolio.

Common Online Utilities

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