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Further ePortfolio resources

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Alongside the materials we have created, here are some selected resources and examples of ePortfolio use and support at other institutions.


AACU ( hold an eportfolio forum at their annual meetings. A number of presenters have slides of their presentations available and abstracts are available for all.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Norris, Bringle, Plater (2012) Fostering Civic Learning within Eportfolios

An interesting review of Civic Learning and discussion of the role of ePortfolios in service/community-based learning and artifacts that could be created.  Some realistic ideas about the time demands of ePortfolios, testing them, and a lighter approach using a form of digital storytelling.


The ePortfolios at La Guardia Community College site offers another useful set of examples and also offers a  set of introductory videos showcasing the use of ePortfolios in different subject disciplines. Among the other items featured is a comprehensive FAQ section and an example  of a voluntary release form to display ePortfolio at events/ for at least 2 years

Loyola University Chicago

The Loyola site has some examples of different types of ePortfolio: service-learning; research; professional. It's also interesting to see their extensive use of third party web 2.0 tools within the portfolios .


Portland State have sets of Resources and guides for students around creating ePortfolios for PSU's first year experience/ gen ed courses and about access toresources to support the creation of ePortfolios.Of particular interest is the range of example ePortfolios using Google sites which they have to showcase the range of approaches to presentation style for eportfolios and some innovative  uses of rich media. It should be noted that these ePortfolios use Google Sites.

Salt Lake City Community College

SLCC are using ePortfolios as a requirement of their General Education requirements. Students create portfolio entries for each course, upload assignments, reflect and make connections with learning outcomes across the curriculum. This is part their assessment of general education and there are parallels with our efforts at UWO. AACU featured SLCC as part of their LEAP toolkit.

It's interesting seeing how they've developed the use of web 2.0 tools for ePortfolios, student ownership of the process,  and the eportfolios' use in different levels of assessment. The SLCC ePortfolio page has a number of introductory videos.

Example of a draft rubric to assess a gen ed student portfolio as a whole.

San Francisco State University

Evans (2009) ePortfolios: An Assessment and Student Engagement Tool documentation and a report around San Francisco State University's move to using ePortfolios. The Youtube playlist of the 2011 AACU meeting includes a series of presentations  around their progress.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech's ePortfolio website has a series of example ePortfolios drawn from current or recent student work. Unlike PSU's selective showcase, this is a wider selection of ePortfolios across a range of disciplines. Also of interest is the assessment matrix which maps a sequence of courses (such as a major) to key learning outcomes and enables a variety of students responses or structured input to populate it with evidence.

It also has a brief bibliography of research and writing around ePortfolios.

Michigan State University

Annotated links to some ePortfolio resources curated at MSU .


Chen, Penny Light, & Ittleston 2012 Documenting learning with ePortfolios: a Stakeholders Approach

Tur, G and Camacho, M 2012  M-portfolios: Using Mobile Technology to Document Learning in Student Teachers’ E-portfolios no. 32

Ring, G and Ramirez, B 2012 Implementing ePortfolios for the Assessment of General Education Competencies, International Journal of ePortfolio Vol 2. No. 1 p87-97

Other Examples

JISC RSC Scotland 2013 Creating Interactive & Student Centred ePortfolios @ City of Glasgow

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