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E-Learning Development

Our resources that support scholarship, teaching, and learning.
On-Line Learning by Ledwell, Brian A — last modified Dec 12, 2011 08:38 AM
Development of on-line teaching methods and activities. Desire2Learn course management.
Graphics & Presentation Design by Ledwell, Brian A — last modified Sep 12, 2011 08:19 AM
Production of graphic, photographic and multimedia materials for instruction, administration, faculty professional development and on campus communication.
Interactive Multimedia & Web Development by Ledwell, Brian A — last modified Sep 12, 2011 12:45 PM
Expertise available to develop interactive multimedia. Web development for instructional and scholarly purposes.
Instructional Video Services by Ledwell, Brian A — last modified Sep 12, 2011 12:57 PM
Original program production Location and studio recording Enhanced Podcasting Off air recording
IDEA Lab by Ledwell, Brian A — last modified Jan 25, 2013 08:16 AM
Instructional DEvelopment and Authoring lab is a teaching lab designed to train faculty and staff.
Lecture Capture, Podcasting, and Embedded Video by Ruppert, Sean S — last modified Jun 25, 2012 12:53 PM
Technology allows recording screen and audio of classes that take place on campus. Instructors can record and publish thier lectures to D2L or iTunes in as little as 30 seconds before and after class. The UW Oshkosh campus primarily uses two programs to manage the recording and distribution of Video content. Camtasia Relay is used to capture screen recordings and audio in the classroom. Kaltura MediaSpace manages the storage, encoding and distribution of the recordings.
ePortfolio by Ledwell, Brian A — last modified Aug 30, 2012 03:08 PM
Information and guidelines about the use of ePortfolios at UW Oshkosh
Digital Equipment Checkout Program by Ledwell, Brian A — last modified Oct 30, 2014 10:08 AM
Free digital video and still camera checkout for UW Oshkosh students and staff
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