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Join us for an upcoming workshop: Teaching Adult Students

Adult learner in classroom

Wednesday, Oct. 2        OR              Thursday, Oct. 3

 8–9:30 a.m.
(Breakfast starts at 7:30)
      8–9:30 a.m.
(Breakfast starts at 7:30)
              Reeve Union, room 220       Reeve Union, room 220  

Registration is required for this workshop. Click here to register >>

Join us for continental breakfast and a workshop focused on strategies and theories for working with adult students in classroom and online environments. These overview sessions are presented by the Provost's office and LLCE. 

Adult nontraditional students at UW Oshkosh

Adult nontraditional students make up the fastest growing segment of the higher education market in the United States. Recruiting, retaining and educating these students is a key strategic challenge outlined in the UW Oshkosh Academic Program and Student Success Plan

More than 3,000 adult nontraditional students are enrolled at UW Oshkosh in undergraduate and graduate programs. Whether a class is on campus or online, instructors and faculty will face challenges of multiple generations learning in a classroom together. 

Workshop Topics and Schedule

The 90-minute presentation will focus on adult education pedagogy, including the foundation of adult education and specific learning styles of adult students. Participants will hear from experienced UW Oshkosh faculty and Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement staff. 

Session schedule:

    I.  Welcome and Introduction

             a. Overview of Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement

             b. Introduction of session instructors

    II. Adult Education Pedagogy

             a. Foundation and theories of adult education

                       1. Knowles (modern father of adragogy) 

                       2. Tough (evidence of self-directed learning)

                       3. Meizrow (transformational learning)

             b. Adult-specific learning styles 

                       1. Gardener's Multiple Intelligence

                       2. Kolb learning styles

                       3. The VARK guide to learning styles

                       4. Myers-Briggs personally types

    III. UW Oshkosh Faculty Presentation

More Information

For more information on this program, or if you cannot attend but would like resources on teaching adult students, contact the Division of Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement at or call (920) 424-3354.

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