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Academic Amnesty

The academic amnesty policy was created to allow students to appeal one or more semesters of poor grades. It is available to students who have stopped out from the University for five years or more.

Most majors require students to have a minimum GPA to graduate. Under UW Oshkosh's academic amnesty policy, you may be able to exclude some of your prior grades to help raise your grade point average.

Applying for Academic Amnesty

Students must apply for academic amnesty at the time they re-enter the University. It is a one-time policy for transfer and re-entering students. Students who are admissible to the University are eligible to apply for application no later than the end of their first semester at UW Oshkosh

Click here to view the UW Oshkosh Academic Amnesty Policy.

If you want more information on the Academic Amnesty policy, contact that Graduation Project at (920) 424-4474 or

Academic Amnesty Application for Transfer and Re-entry Students (PDF)

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Timber Smith

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