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Student Stories


Terrence SmithTerrence “Timber” Smith, 38
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis.
Current City: Oshkosh, Wis.
Position: Admissions Counselor
Bachelor’s: Sociology, graduated August 2011
Pursuing Master’s in Educational Leadership

Smith took a detour from his schooling when he joined the Army Reserves. When he came back to UW Oshkosh, he had a child and needed to work full-time.

Smith had 130 credits and was close to graduating, but had a hard time finding classes that fit his schedule. He turned to the Graduation Project staff to help him find the courses he needed.

“You really need someone to help you maneuver through the system,” Smith said. “The Graduation Project really hones in on those who only have a few more classes to finish, and that’s the situation I was in.”
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“I thought I was going to have to retake a lot of classes because it had been so long, but the Graduation Project helped me work with different departments, and I didn’t have to.”

“I no longer feel guilty about paying student loans. I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. Completing my degree provided me with information and skills that I’ll use for the rest of my life,” she said.

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In 1994, Pamela Wood finished her last required course for her degree in Radio/TV/Film at UW Oshkosh.

She fulfilled her general education requirements and took all of her core coursework. However, her participation in the non-credit capstone class wasn’t recorded, and she discovered she wasn’t going to get her diploma.

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“I felt it was the best possible time for me to come back to UW Oshkosh. I had been away for five years. I had matured and was ready to complete my final three courses at UW Oshkosh,” he said. “You have to do what’s right for you and be in the right place in your life.”

“It still sends chills down my spine,” he said. “I’m so excited to finish my journey where it all started.”

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“I met with the Graduation Project staff, and they laid out a plan for me, step-by-step. They were the driving force to get me back in school,” Monroe said. “When they pulled up my STAR (student academic report) and told me I needed only two courses to compete my associate degree, I thought, ‘I can do that.’”

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Student Success Stories

Timber Smith

Timber Smith

Timber received his bachelor's degree in sociology in 2011. In addition to going to school, he's married, has a daughter and works full time.

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