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Youth Programs

Explore CSI

CSI banner smallYou see it on TV and the learn what it's like in real life!

Solve crimes like real forensic scientists. From fingerprints to shoe impressions, solve mysteries using CSI equipment and techniques!

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Examine Environmental Health & Engineering

EH and E small buttonFrom the food that we eat, to the air that we breath. 

Someone has to make sure it’s safe. Explore how environmental health and engineering scientists protect our environment and public health.

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Discover Firefighting

fire banner smallLive the life of a firefighter!

The world looks pretty sweet at the top of a 75-foot areal ladder! Fight fires and learn life-saving emergency response techniques. Get hands-on experience by practicing firefighting skill drills and more!

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Investigate Police

Police banner small

Learn what it takes to protect and serve!

Law enforcement plays an essential role in ensuring the safety of our community. Perform tasks and training exercises alongside local law enforcement professionals. 

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Experience Radio/TV/Film

rtf web banner smallBe a star—behind the scenes or in front of the camera!

From the voice on the radio, to the person in the producers seat—whether you want to be on the stage or producing the final cuts, discover your talent in the radio, television and film fields!

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For more infomration on any of our youth programs, contact the Division of Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement at (920) 424-1129 or toll-free (800) 633-1442.