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Lincoln Hall
800 Algoma Boulevard

Oshkosh, WI 54901

Local: (920) 424-1129
Toll-free: (800) 633-1442
Fax: (920) 424-1803

We've moved! 

Please visit us at our new location, Lincoln Hall, on the corner of Algoma Blvd. and Wisconsin St. Mail can still be directed to the address listed above. 

Program Partners

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Rosendale Dairy

Rosendale Dairy is Wisconsin's largest dairy farm! Home to 8,400 cows, Rosendale Dairy produces 78,000 gallons of milk each day. Participants will learn how Rosendale Dairy has harnessed the power of an anaerobic bio digester to process the manure and solve an array of environmental issues. 

Environmental Research and Innovation Center (ERIC) Lab

The Environmental Research and Innovation Center (ERIC) at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh serves as a research and testing center to test beach and well water quality, evaluate materials for biogas potential, and conduct a variety of custom research projects.

UW Oshkosh Biodigester

As part of the mission to becoming a more sustainable institution, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has constructed the nation’s first commercial-scale dry fermentation anaerobic biodigester. The renewable energy facility includes heat and power generators, which produce up to 5 percent of campus electricity and heating needs.

Allen Farm Biodigester

Allen Farms is home to 135 dairy cows, and it uses a small digester that is designed for operations with a limited organic waste stream. Participants will learn how environmental practices can be utilized even on a small scale farm. 

Knigge Dairy Farm

In 2001, Knigge Dairy Farm became the first robotic milking farm in the United states. Since then, they have upgraded and improved their robotic milking parlor. Learn how robotics has improved the way dairy farmers milk cows and increase energy efficiency.

Growing Oshkosh, Inc.

Growing Oshkosh, Inc. is an Oshkosh organization that raises awareness and educates citizens about the benefits of fresh, local, all-natural and sustainable food/food production. They grow sustainable fish, food and flowers, jobs and hope. 

Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton

The Fox Valley Technical College Appleton campus offers a variety of programs and services for students who are interested in sustainable agriculture. From science, to environmental studies, to business management, students can learn about programs that will prepare them for working in the agriculture sector. 

Cattleana Ranch

Cattleana Ranch is a pasture-fed cattle farm. Meats sold by Cattleana Ranch are 100 percent grass fed, have no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics, and are processed at small, state inspected farmly run processors. Learn how this farm has decreased its environmental impact by improving the raising and processing of cattle. 

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