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About the Program

Wisconsin has a rich history in agriculture and sustainability.

As technology and environmental practices improve, farmers face opportunities that challenge traditional practices. This project targets future agricultural workers, high school juniors through college seniors, for a residential four-day immersion training on the UW Oshkosh campus. 

Students will travel regionally to see first-hand how initiatives are applied at farms and businesses.

Agriculture scientists, farmers and environmental specialists will demonstrate how new technology makes farms more profitable and environmentally conscious. Students will talk with academic and career advisors from area institutions and will explore technical, four-year and graduate programs.  Learning will be facilitated through hands-on experiences, classroom instruction and large-scale demonstrations.

Career and education counseling will provide students with options and a path. 

Careers and programs in science, business and farming will be covered by area college and university admission counselors. Students will leave the program knowing what is available to them should they choose to pursue their interest in sustainable agriculture. 

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