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Join us for Camp Badger Exploring Engineering™!

July 5–11, 2015 at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Please note: Registration has been extended through June 19!

Camp Badger 2014

Hey students, don’t miss out on Camp Badger!

Are you interested in math and science? Do you ever read science fiction or fact-based books? Maybe you are just curious about what engineering is and what engineers do? Get all of your questions answered while having a lot of fun at camp this summer!

What do engineers do?

Engineers design everything from skateboards to rockets to robots! They help provide electricity and other energy sources to keep us comfortable and healthy. They also build cars, bridges, and buildings for us to work and live in. You can be an engineer, too, by solving existing problems and preventing future disasters!

Camp Badger Exploring Engineering™

Camp Badger is a one-week, residential program for Wisconsin and Minnesota teenagers entering eighth grade in the fall. As a camper, you will explore many types of engineering fields and see how they can lead to great careers—all while living in a student residence hall and experiencing life on a college campus. 

The fee for the week is $595, but scholarships are available. With a scholarship, the fee will be reduced to $300 or $50, depending on the financial need—as specified by teacher recommendation. Campers and their families are responsible for transportation to the campus and back.

In the past, students have:

  • Visited an 11-story construction site, Camp Randall, an experimental fusion reactor, and the global headquarters of the world’s leader in lighting solutions technology
  • Built their own telescopes and looked through the historic, University of Wisconsin telescope
  • Learned about gene transfer and performed it to produce bioluminescent bacteria
  • Observed fossils and gems at the UW Geology Museum
  • Explored the cockpit of an F-16 and the inside of a UW experimental car
  • Toured behind the scenes of a state-of-the-art bowling alley, and a surgery simulation lab at the UW Hospital

For Parents & Families: Our Approach

The University of Wisconsin–Madison College of Engineering founded Camp Badger Exploring EngineeringTM in 1998. Experience has taught us that the best way to help young people understand engineering is through a combination of field trips, job site visits, hands-on activities, and small group discussions. Each day, campers will have the opportunity to speak with engineering students and professionals about their experiences.

Mail Your Camp Badger Applications to:

Kiana Asada
Camp Coordinator
Engineering Professional Development
432 N. Lake Street, Room 707

Madison, WI 53706


PLEASE NOTE: Application materials indicate that the deadline for registration is March 9. This has been extended through June 19.

How to Apply

To apply for Camp Badger Exploring Engineering™, the following materials must be sent:

  1. The Application Form must be completed and signed by the camper, a parent/guardian, and a teacher
  2. A Camper Essay (one page, double-spaced, typed and signed) describing:
    • The coolest thing you have learned in science class. Tell us about it, and why you think this experience was special.
    • What you like and dislike about math and science.
  3. A copy of the student's most recent School Transcript or Report Card 
  4. A Letter of Recommendation and the Financial Assistance Recommendation, to be filled out by your math or science teacher, or school guidance counselor. The Letter of Recommendation should reflect the student's academic performance and his or her interests in math and science.

Campers are fully supervised. They will eat their meals at a university cafeteria and live in an undergraduate residence hall on campus. We have adult counselors in the residence halls all night long, and during the day our program counselors

Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin–Madison College of Engineering, Department of Engineering Professional Development, and Office of Diversity Affairs with grants from the Michael Krupinski Memorial Education Fund, Plexus Corporation, John Deere Foundation, American Association of University Women, and the National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education.

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