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Join us for the week-long leadership summer camp!

Check back soon for 2013 dates and location.

Attend this six day camp and learn what it takes to become a great leader. Participants will complete the week learning practical leadership skills through experiential learning activities (including low- and high-ropes). During the week WYLA youth will develop their own personalized leadership missions for the coming school year.

Discover the power of personal branding

It is important for leaders to identify and define their personal values. These values become the grounds for how leaders treat others and carry out their goals. In this section, participants will state their principles and will evaluate their lives according to their values.

Learn the five practices of exemplary leaders*

The second part of the camp will focus on the five practices of exemplary leaders. These practices, developed by Robert H. Thompson, give clear action to any leader's plans.

Model the Way

Leaders must create standards of excellence and then set an example for others to follow. This first lesson builds off personal values.

Inspire a Shared Vision

Envision the future by imagining exciting possibilities, and enlist others in your common vision by appealing to shared aspirations. Breathe life into your visions and get people to see possibilities for the future. 

Challenge the Process

Good leaders search for opportunities to change the status quo. We want to teach you to look for innovative ways to improve your organization. 

Enable Others to Act

Leaders must foster collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships. Learn to strengthen others by increasing self-determination and by developing competence.

Encourage the Heart

Recognize contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence.  Respected leaders celebrate the values and victories by creating a spirit of community.

Develop your own leadership mission

The final part of the week-long summer camp will be dedicated to establishing goals and objectives for the coming year. With firm values and a solid foundation of leadership lessons, participants are ready to develop their own leadership mission. This mission will be carried out throughout the year, and will be supported by WYLA activities.

*Some excerpts taken from Copyright Kouzes Posner. All Rights Reserved.
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