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Coaching and Mentorship

Coaching provides support.

One of the features that sets WYLA apart from other Leadership camps is the support and involvement provided by the ongoing coaching program. 

WYLA provides 11 months of Individual Life and Leadership Coaching (provided through phone calls) to involved students. This ongoing reminder and support, with the use and integration of leadership principles, creates deeper learning and long term, empowered leaders. 

Coaching helps maintain momentum.

The seeds of individual leadership are planted during the residential camp, and grown over the 11 month coaching journey. During this journey, youth explore their leadership and personal development to a new level. They are able to see how day-to-day situations can impact their happiness, personal conduct and leadership, and experience shifts in their perspectives and ability to make empowered choices. WYLA has a team of trained life coaches recruited to provided targeted, whole life coaching and leadership development. Any situation before us, is an opportunity for celebration and greater learning, and the spirited coaching calls with our coaches, help students feel supported, attain goals and regain traction while navigating everyday experiences.

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