Brainspotting Phase One: Workshop content and outline

Thursday, Oct. 17

  1. David Grand’s development of brainspotting
    • Current research 
    • Community resources for brainspotting therapists
  2. What is a brainspot?
    • A Brainspot can be a distress spot or a resource spot
      • Distress spot
      • Resource spot
      • Body resource
  3. Two ways of locating eye positions (or BSP)
    • Outside Window
    • Inside Window
  4. Brainspotting Dual Attunement Model – Relational and Neurobiological Attunement
    • Tri-Attunement model
      • Therapist and client
      • Within the client
      • Within the therapist
  5. Neurobiology of Trauma and Attunement of BSP
    • Fight-Flight-Freeze Memory
    • Trauma reservoirs and dissociative capsules
    • Learning Theory
    • Down regulating the amygdala
  6. What is processing?
    • Stages and Actions of BSP session
    • Phenomenology of BSP
    • Using SUDS Scale
  7. Outside Widow demonstration and debriefing
  8. Lunch
  9. Outside Window practicum and debriefing 
  10. Review of Resourcing Tools
  11. Advanced Resourcing Tools in Advanced Trainings
    • Earth Breathing
    • Fire Breathing
    • Sacred Place
  12. Questions/Answers

 Friday, Oct. 18

  1. Resourcing tools
    • Two ways of using the body resource
    • Earth breathing
    • Fire breathing
    • Heart breathing
    • Sacred Place Brainspot
    • Internal nurturing
  2. Lecture Inside Widow Brainspotting
  3. Review of distress and resource inside widow protocols
  4. Inside Widow demonstration and brief
  5. Inside Widow practicum
  6. lunch
  7. One eye Brainspotting
  8. One eye demonstration and brief
  9. Review of resourcing tools
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