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REHS/RS Exam Online Prep Course 

Course dates and registration 

Prepare for the Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian (REHS/RS) exam with this eight-week, 16-hour, online prep course.

Broken down by exam topic areas, this preparation course will give you the resources you need to pass the exam. Study the various topics you need to know, and gain the depth of knowledge you’ll need to be successful.

Make the most of your study time by targeting your efforts on relevant information.

The UW Oshkosh exam prep course offers:

  • Online instruction
  • A comprehensive study guide
  • Opportunities to study with peers
  • Sample exam questions
  • Overview of the application process

    What is a Registered Sanitarian?

    The Wisconsin State Statutes defines sanitarian as an “individual who, through education, training or experience in the natural sciences and their application and through technical knowledge of prevention and control of preventable diseases, is capable of applying environmental control measures so as to protect human health, safety and welfare.”

    Becoming a registered sanitarian confirms the individual possesses knowledge on a variety of environmental and public health issues and can properly take corrective action to protect human health.  Many registered sanitarians work in the public and private sectors and are employed by state and local government in regulatory programs such as food safety, drinking water regulation, wastewater systems, radiation protection, housing, and occupational safety.

    Why become a registered sanitarian?

    Who should participate?

    This program is for individuals who are interested in obtaining their REHS/RS credentials. Participants come from a variety of positions, including nurses, inspectors, engineers, environmental and planning consultants, business owners, quality improvement specialists, and laboratory employees. The program is also open to students of biology, microbiology or environmental sciences. Past participants come from around the United States, and they have worked at the state, federal and county agencies, as well as in the private sector. 

    Online Instruction

    The online class will be delivered via the UW Oshkosh Desire to Learn (D2L) program. Each participant will be given a D2L login username and password. You can review the D2L video tutorial at

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