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This prep course has been designed to help you prepare for the RS/REHS credential and to give you an understanding of the depth of knowledge expected. We invite you to register for our eight-week online prep course, and increase the pass rate of this exam!

Course Outline

Week One

Exam application procedures

  • Statutes and Regulations
  • Knowledge of legal authority
  • Law about inspections
  • Agency administrative actions (e.g., embargo, seizure, nuisance abatement)
  • Federal environmental health acts, laws, agencies, and regulations

Food protection

  • Knowledge of inspection/investigation procedures of food establishments
  • Knowledge of food safety principles, protection, quality, and storage.
  • Sample exam questions
  • Knowledge of temporary food service events.
  • Knowledge of proper food transport.

Sample exam questions

Week Two

Potable water

  • Knowledge of sanitary survey principles regarding potential or existing water systems and watersheds
  • Understanding of testing/sampling methods, water supply systems, water treatment processes, and diseases associated with contaminated water


  • Knowledge of inspection/investigation procedures of wastewater systems
  • Knowledge of soil characteristics and analysis methods, land use issues, wastewater treatment systems and processes
  • Disease-causing organisms associated with wastewater

Sample exam questions

Week Three

Solid and hazardous waste  

  • Knowledge of waste-management systems
  • Waste classifications
  • Landfill methods
  • Hazardous waste disposal methods
  • Health risks associated with poor waste management

Hazardous Materials

  • Knowledge of inspections and investigations of hazardous materials
  • Self-protection  procedures
  • Types of hazardous materials

Sample exam questions

Week Four

Vectors, pests and weeds

  • Knowledge of control methods for vectors, pests, and weeds
  • Life cycle
  • Different types of vectors, pests, and weeds
  • Diseases and organisms associated with vectors, pests, and weeds
  • Public education methods

Radiation protection

  • Knowledge of inspections/investigations of radiation hazards
  • Types of radiation
  • Common sources of exposure
  • Protection methods
  • Health risks of radiation exposure
  • Testing equipment
  • Sampling methods used to detect radiation

Sample exam questions

Week Five

Occupational safety and health

  • Knowledge of inspection/investigation procedures of occupational settings
  • Common health and safety hazards at worksites
  • General OSHA principles

Air quality and noise

  • Knowledge of inspection and investigation procedures to assess ambient air quality
  • Environmental and environmental noise
  • Air pollution sources
  • Air and noise sampling methods and equipment
  • Air and noise pollution control equipment and techniques
  • Health risks associated with poor air quality and excessive noise

Sample exam questions

Week Six


  • Knowledge of inspection and investigation procedures of public and private housing and mobile home and recreational vehicle parks.
  • Health and safety risks of substandard housing
  • Housing related health hazards
  • Child safety hazards such as lead
  • Utility connections

Institutions and license establishments

  • Common disease-causing organisms and transmission modes
  • Epidemiology
  • Heating, ventilation, and cooling systems
  • Recreational education Camps

Sample exam questions

Week Seven

Swimming pools and recreational facilities

  • Knowledge of inspection and investigation procedures for swimming pools/ and spas, and recreational areas and facilities
  • Knowledge of common organisms and resultant diseases associated with swimming pools and spas, water treatment systems, water chemistry, safety issues, and sampling and test methods

Disaster sanitation

  • Knowledge of disaster preparation
  • Site management of disaster situations
  • Post-disaster management
  • Knowledge of emergency response procedures
  • Chain of command
  • Supply needs
  • Temporary shelter and facilities and services
  • Remediation methods

Sample Exam Questions

Week Eight




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