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We've moved! 

Please visit us at our new location, Lincoln Hall, on the corner of Algoma Blvd. and Wisconsin St. Mail can still be directed to the address listed above. 

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Wisconsin Emergency Services Academy

The Wisconsin Emergency Services Academy (WESA) is a collaborative umbrella organization that organizes educational opportunities to meet the needs of fire departments, first responders and emergency response personnel within the state of Wisconsin.

Through a variety of training, technical degree options and bachelor's degree opportunities, WESA aims to:

    • Promote educational and training opportunities
    • Establish an opportunity for information sharing
    • Promote inter-agency collaborations

WESA is based at Volk Field, an Air Force National Guard training facility in Wisconsin.

Educational opportunities for firefighters and emergency response personnel:

WESA aims to provide educational opportunities to Wisconsin firefighters or emergency response personnel through various partnerships.

Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association (WSFCA)

    • Chiefing Workshop — This workshop is offered on an every other year rotation (odd years)
    • Continuing Education

Wisconsin State Firefighters Association (WSFA)

  • Continuing Education
  • Refresher Courses

Wisconsin Technical College (WTC)

    • Initial training-This is the required 60 hrs of training to meet state requirements to qualify as an entry level firefighter
    • Certifications—This training allows participants to meet the other state requirements as someone moves up in rank, e.g. Firefighter I, II, IV, Driver/Pump Operator, Instructor, Inspector, etc.
    • Associate degrees—Two year degree in fire, paramedic or emergency management areas
    • Continuing Education—refresher courses

Wisconsin Society of Fire Safety Instructors (WSFSI)

    • Train the Trainer and other offerings providing hands on training & certifications

Wisconsin Fire Inspectors Association (WFIA)

    • Train the Trainer and other offerings providing hands on training & certifications

Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM)

  • State office of Wisconsin, oversight of all local, state and federal regulations

Regional Emergency All-Climate Training Center (REACT)

    • Natural and man-made disaster training

Specialized Training in various Homeland Security offerings

    • Weapons of Mass Destruction, Terrorism, etc.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (UWO)

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