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Program Topic Highlights

The following program topic highlights will be discussed in the two breakout sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to attend two sessions.

Administrative/Finance Committee

  • digital conversion issues, UW-LIR roles, clerical support costs, goals, dues, fees, discounts, cancellation policies and refunds, foundation fee charges

Curriculum Committee

  • trip planning, cost controls, class content ideas, approval, evaluation, outdoor activities

Membership Committee

  • recruitment, retention, non-renewals, volunteers, legal issues waivers, forms, contracts, photos

Continuing Education Liaison Group

  • staff involvement, organizational growth, use of volunteers, mandates from Madison

Leadership Tools

  • development of demographic data, officer handbook, Roberts Rules, financial reports and forms

Community/Corporate Partnerships

  • long term care, government facilities, senior centers, state technical colleges, university alumni associations, contracts 
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