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Keynote Speaker

The 2014 keynote presenters bring a unique perspective to how parents, teachers and administrators can work toward the concept of this year's theme: Creating Community Across Languages and Cultures.

Wing Young Huie

Wing Young Huie PhotoPhotographer Wing Young Huie earned a B.A. in journalism from the University of Minnesota in 1979. Huie became a full time professional photographer in 1989 and is most well-known for his photographs documenting people in a culturally diverse and changing urban landscape. Several of his projects focus on Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods. Huie’s photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago, Westport, New York City, West Palm Beach, Budapest, and Rotterdam. Four books based on Huie’s photography projects have been published:

  1. The University Avenue Project: The Language of Urbanism: A Six-mile Photographic Inquiry

  2. Looking For Asian America: An Ethnocentric Tour by Wing Young Huie

  3. Lake Street USA

  4. Frogtown: Photographs and Conversations in an Urban Neighborhood

Presentation Description:

Identity and the American Landscape: How do photographs form us?

The photographs of internationally-known artist Wing Young Huie have been exhibited in major museums and epic public installations. Collectively they reflect the dizzying socioeconomic, ethnic and cultural realities of American society. 

In this dynamic slide show presentation, Wing will addresses the ethical, aesthetic and cultural issues of intimately interacting with thousands of strangers, and he will share anecdotes and insights behind the images. 

Wing will also foster dialogue by showing photographs from his many projects that are open to cultural interpretations, inviting participants to offer their own points of views and to consider not only how their perceptions may differ from those around them, but also how our perceptions are formed by the overwhelming media and marketing photographs we consume on a daily basis. 

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