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Keynote Speaker

Andrea Honigsfeld, Ed.D.

Andrea HonigsfeldAndrea Honigsfeld, Ed.D. is a professor in the Division of Education at Molloy College in Rockville Centre, NY. She teaches graduate education courses related to cultural and linguistic diversity, linguistics, ESL methodology, and action research. Before entering the field of teacher education, she was an English-as-a-foreign-language teacher in Hungary (Grades 5–8 and adult), an ESL teacher in New York City (Grades K–3 and adult_), and a Hungarian language professor at New York University.

She was the recipient of a doctoral fellowship at St. John’s University, where she conducted research on individualized instruction and learning styles. She has published extensively on working with English language learners and providing individualized instruction based on learning style preferences. She received a Fulbright Award to lecture in Iceland in the fall of 2002. In the past 12 years, she has been presenting at conferences across the United States, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates. York City (Grades K–3 and adult), and a Hungarian language professor at New York University.

She frequently offers staff development primarily focusing on effective differentiated strategies and collaborative practices for English-as-a-second-language and general education teachers. She coauthored a book, Differentiated Instruction for At-Risk Students (2009), and coedited a four-volume series, Breaking the Mold of Education (2010–2013), which were published by Rowman and Littlefield.

Presentation Description

Collaboration & Co-teaching: What Every Educator Needs to Know

One of the 21st century competencies proclaimed by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills is collaboration. This presentation will take a broad-based look at what effective teacher collaboration looks like, what essential frameworks need to be established for ESL and general education teachers to work together, and how integrated approaches to ESL services benefit all stakeholders.

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