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2014 Presentation Downloads

Thank you for attending the 2014 ASRR Conference!

Our presenters have shared their presentations and materials. Please click the download links to download any of the presentations below. 

Session  Title  Track  Downloads 
Keynote Motivation & Instruction: The Portal to Post-Secondary Student Success    Presentation
Keynote  Differentiating Your School for Adult Students   Presentation 
Keynote  Expanding our Horizons: Technology, Innovation and Higher Education   Not currently available.
A Instructional Norms and Practices for Enhancing Student Motivation to Learn Rec.
B The Effect of Faculty Mentoring on African American Male Student Retention Ret. Presentation 
C Writing an Integrated Marketing Plan for Student Recruitment Mar. Presentation
D Rethinking the Relationship: Customer Service Promotes Student Success in Enrollment Management Rec. Not currently available. 
E Connecting with Students in a Digital Environment Ret. Presentation
F Measuring Marketing ROI: Essential Tools for Improving Performance Mar. Not currently available.
G Collaborative Degrees for Adult Student Rec. Presentation
H All Things to All People?  Constructing an Online Orientation for Adult Learners  Ret. Not currently available. 
I Digital Marketing to Adult Students  Mar. Presentation 
J Increased # of Prospects + Expectations of Excellent Customer Service – Extra Budget = Customized Communication Rec. Presentation
K Retaining and Serving Nontraditional Students Ret. Presentation 
L Demystifying Higher Education CRM Mar. Not currently available.
M Recruiting Adult Learners for an Interdisciplinary Program Rec. Not currently available. 
N Not Your Typical Audit: Using Periodic Degree Audits to Strengthen Progress and Completion for Nontraditional Student Groups Ret. Presentation
O Navigating the Transition to “Learner as Customer" Mar. Presentation
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