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The Symposium is presented by the UW Oshkosh Division of Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement, in cooperation with the UW-La Crosse Department of Health Education and Health Promotion and Community Health, Continuing Education and Extension, and Wisconsin Health and Physical Education, Inc.

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No. Presentation Title Presenter Name Track Download 
K Development Assets Framework: The Power of One...The Power of Many James J. Conway  -  
1 Moving from the What? and the So What? To the Now What?: Making the connection between theory and practice James J. Conway 1
2 Trauma Effects on the Developing Brain Cory Kitt 1
3 Using the Whole Community, While Child Initiative as a Framework to Prevent Violence Among Youth Michelle Pettit and Gail McCormick 2  
4 Public Service Announcement Project: Drug Prevention Unit Kimberly Leupold 2  
5 The Impact of Heroin Addiction and Drug Endangered Children Julie Rortvedt  2
6 Parental Influence on Anxious Children  Lisa Klarner 3
7 Building the Adolescent Brain  Martha S. Burns  1
Just in Time Interventions for Students with Trauma Histories  Renee Wilberg  2
Teen Sexual Abuse: What Professionals Need to know for Prevention and Responses  Rose Hennessy and Kelly Mo Litke 3
10 Growing Health with school Gardens  Beth Hanna 3
K Education is Brainbuilding: Guiding Decision Making and Goal Setting Martha S. Burns -
11 Keeping Kids Hooked: E-Cigarettes and Flavored Tobacco Ryan Sheahan  2
12 Building the Adolescent Brain  Martha S. Burns 2
13 Your Resistance Training—To Train or Not to Train?
Julie Zuleger 3
14 PATCH: Providers and Teens Communicating for Health Amy Olejniczak 3  
15 Educator Wellness Donna Rifken 3
16 Practical Exposure to Therapies for Anxiety Disorder Lisa Klarner 2
17 You want me to flip and bend what in health? Kaitlyn Bloemer 2
18 Living, Loving and Learning with Early Adolescent Learners Shelly Joan Weiss 2  
19 Educator Wellness Dona Rifken 3
20 Growing Health with school Gardens Beth Hanna 3
21 Teen Sexual Abuse: What Professionals Need to Know for Prevention and Responses Rose Hennessy and Kelly Moe Litke 3
K Our Healthy Future: Today's Choices  Lori Thein-Brody -  
22 Sparks: Igniting the Hidden Strengths of Youth James J. Conway 1
23 Act Now! Bullying Stops With You Clay Anton 2
24 Adolescent Wellbeing: Injury Prevention Lori Thein-Brody  2
25 The Physiology of Sleep Debt Cristy Jefson 3  
26 Keeping Kids Hooked: E-Cigarettes and Flavored Tobacco Ryan Sheahan 1
27 Act Now! Bullying Stops With You Clay Anton 2
28 Adolescent Sexual Behavior: What is normal versus problematic sexual behavior Mary Simon 2
29 Emerging Drug Trends Jason Weber 3  

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