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The Symposium is presented by the UW Oshkosh Division of Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement, in cooperation with the UW-La Crosse Department of Health Education and Health Promotion and Community Health, Continuing Education and Extension, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and Wisconsin Health and Physical Education, Inc.

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Symposium Handouts

Download the Symposium Handouts

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Keynote Presentation 

   Secure Your Own Mask First Presentation >>

Sectional Presentations Session One 

1. Assess Your HGD Curriculum: "How to" with HECAT
2. Wisconsin Adolescent Health Care Communication Program: Bridging the
Sexual Health Communication Gap

3. Move to Improve the iY Generation Presentation >>
4. Mental Health Prevention
5. The Role of Gay-Straight Alliances in Creating Safer and More Just Schools Presentation >>

Sectional Presentations Session Two 

6.  Parents as Squeaky Wheels for Comprehensive Sexuality Education
7. Move to improve the iY Generation Presentation >>
8. Building Skills for AODA Prevention Handout 1 >> 
9. Beyond the Basics: Classroom Strategies for Addressing Bullying, Part 1
10. Living, Loving and Learning with Early Adolescent Learners

Lunch Plenary Session

  Sexual Health: What it “looks like” and what it “sounds like” Handout 1 >>
Handout 2 >>

Sectional Presentations Session Three

11. Understanding Boys and Men: Male Socialization
12. Positive Peer Power: Analyzing Influences Related to Nutrition and
Physical Activity Choices

13. Active Classrooms: How to use classroom physical activity breaks to improve
 student learning and performance
Presentation >>
14. The Basics of Bullying: Implications for Those who Work with Youth, Part 2
15. Prioritizing Young People with Disabilities in Sexual Health Education

Slides  >>
Handout 1 >>
Handout 2 >>
Handout 3 >>
Handout 4 >>
Handout 5 >>

Sectional Presentations Session Four

16.  Communicating More Effectively with Boys and Young Men Slides  >>
17. How Milwaukee Reduced Teen Pregnancy by 50 Percent in Seven Years
18. Nutrition Mission:Teaching Nutrition Education through Physical Activity Presentation >>
19. Outrageous Teaching Techniques in Mental and Emotional Wellness Handout >>
20. Good Drugs Gone Bad Handout >>

Sectional Presentations Session Five

21. Human Growth and Development: National Sexuality Education Standards
and the Common Core, Part 1

22. Transforming the School Health Environment: Connecting Schools
and Communities for Positive Change

23. The Impact of Heroin Addiction and Drug-Endangered Children Presentation >>
24. It is NOT about Weight: Teaching Health Eating and Physical Activity for ALL Students Slides >>
Handout 1 >>
Handout 2 >>
25. Acceptance Journeys: Supportive Families and Communities Presentation >>

Sectional Presentations Session Six

26. Engage and Assess: Standards-Based Human Growth and Development Lessons
and Activities that Align with National Standards
Presentation >>
Handout 1 >>
Handout 2 >>
Handout 3 >>
Handout 4 >>
Handout 5 >>
Handout 6 >>
Handout 7 >>
Handout 8 >>
Handout 9 >>
Handout 10 >>
Handout 11 >>
Handout 12 >>
Handout 13 >>
Handout 14 >>
Handout 15 >>
Active Schools: Core 4+
28. Other Tobacco Products
29. The Experiences of Transgender Students in Wisconsin Schools — Youth Voices
from Three Communities

30. Advocating for Comprehensive Health Education: Threats and Opportunities for Schools
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