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Program Requirements

The Criminal Justice Online program includes the same courses, requirements and standards as the on-campus program. 


Full-time students

The courses in the Criminal Justice Online program are offered completely online. Full-time students may follow a specific series of course blocks which can lead to the completion of the criminal justice major in as few as 10 months. 

Part-time students

Students may chose to take fewer courses at a time if they wish to work full time while they attend school, therefore it is not a requirement that online students complete the major in the 10-month period.

Students who have some of the required courses completed will enter into the online CJ courses that they need when they are offered. 

Course Sequence

Full-time and part-time students have the same course options. Two or three courses are offered during each session. For a detailed schedule description, contact the program director, Dr. Victoria Beck, at

Course Block 1 • fall first 7-week session

  • CJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice Process 
  • CJ 270 Introduction to Criminal Law 

Course Block 2 • fall second 7-week session

  • CJ 212 Management of CJ Organizations or PA 221 Introduction to Public Administration
  • CJ 218 Adjudication Process in Criminal Justice 
  • CJ 244 Correctional Process 

Course Block 3 • winter interim

  • CJ 288 Police in Modern Society
  • CJ Elective 

Course Block 4 • spring 14-week session

  • CJ 281 Elementary Statistics in Criminal Justice Research
  • CJ 343 Quantitative Research Design 

Course Block 4 • spring first 7-week session

  • CJ Elective 

Course Block 5 • spring second 7-week session

  • CJ 351 Theories of Crime 

Course Block 6 • spring interim 

  • CJ Elective 
  • CJ Elective 

Course Block 7 • summer first 4-week session

  • CJ Elective
  • CJ 358 Major Issues in Criminal Justice
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