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Take your career to the next level! 

There are many career opportunities in the human services field, in a variety of areas:

  • Developmentally disabled care, including day programs and institutional daycare.
  • Elderly care, including nursing homes, senior centers and rehabilitation programs.
  • Health care, including hospitals, nutrition and wellness.
  • Addiction services, such as drug and alcohol, eating disorders and sexual addictions.
  • Environmental services, such as housing, public service and park and recreational programs.
  • Educational services in daycare, schools, colleges and universities.
  • Income transfer services such as youth corps and job training.
  • Criminal justice, which includes law enforcement, jails, halfway houses and legal advocacy.
  • Family services, which include domestic violence and abuse, shelters, family crisis and marriage preparation and counseling services.
  • Mental health care, including institutions, crisis centers, halfway houses and legal advocacy.

Human services graduates work in a variety of roles:

  • Outreach worker – provides access to people with problems, refers to appropriate services and does follow-up
  • Broker – helps people access existing services and ensure that the services relate to the client
  • Advocate – fights for services, policies, rules, regulations, and laws on behalf of the client
  • Evaluator – assess client or community needs and problems in many settings
  • Teacher/educator- performs a range of activities planned primarily to change behavior, ranging from coaching and counseling to casework, psychotherapy, and behavior therapy
  • Mobilizer – helps to get new resources for clients and communities
  • Consultant – works with other professionals and agencies regarding their handling of problems, needs and programs
  • Community planner – works with community boards and committees to assure that community development enhances positive mental health and self-actualization, or at least minimizes emotional stress on people
  • Caregiver – provides service for persons who need ongoing support of some kind, such as financial assistance, day care, social support and 24-hour care
  • Data manager – performs all aspects of data handling, gathering, tabulating, analyzing, synthesizing, program evaluation, and planning
  • Administrator- carries out activities that are primarily agency or institution-oriented rather than client or community oriented



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