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Esther Dimaggio

Esther DimaggioEsther Dimaggio
Originally from Peru
Current City: Winneconne, Wis.
Substitute teacher at Head Start in Menasha, Wis.
Applying for professional counseling graduate program

Esther Dimaggio, is a self-described lifelong learner. Dimaggio grew up in Peru, before moving to California and working at an army base where she met her husband Benjamin. Together they have traveled throughout the U.S. for Benjamin’s job, and continuing her education has always been a priority.

With an undergraduate degree in socio-psychology already under her belt, Dimaggio is taking classes at UW Oshkosh and has set her sights on applying for the graduate program in professional counseling.

“I have been taking classes since my kids were very little, and they are all very proud,” Dimaggio said. “I have always told my kids how important their education is."

As a mother to six grown children — four boys and two girls — Dimaggio said she believes education increases your self-worth, something she said she has always told her kids.

“Your education is so important because it can set you free — no one can take that away from you,” Dimaggio said.

Dimaggio also said it is important to use the resources that are available to you to pursue and complete your education.

The University offers resources to all students, something Dimaggio said she is thankful for and thinks all students should take advantage of them.

“People at UW Oshkosh are very warm, helped direct me to where I needed to go, and have a genuine desire to help,” Dimaggio said. “I think UW Oshkosh has so much to offer between the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, the Writing Center, the tutoring services and offices for adult students.”

Dimaggio is dedicated to continuing her education, and said she encourages other adults to come back to school.

“It’s never too late to learn,” Dimaggio said. “Age doesn’t matter — every individual has great potential to become anything they choose to be.”

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Student in the Spotlight
Esther Dimaggio
Esther Dimaggio
Originally from Peru
Substitute Teacher

“Age doesn’t matter — every individual has great potential to become anything they choose to be.”

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