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Edward Hall

Edward Hall 2Edward Hall
Current City: Kimberly, Wis.

Major: Education -- broad-field social science

Army veteran, Edward Hall, returned to college with a renewed fervor after spending 10 years in the Army. After losing his job and learning that a bachelor’s degree would improve his prospects, Hall connected with student services offices at UW Oshkosh and set off to accomplish his goal. 

With help from the Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement (LLCE) adult student resources staff, Hall was able to find the program that was right for him and the resources he needed for funding his education.

“LLCE helped me connect with the Veterans Resource Center, and I explored a lot of military benefits that I had never used,” Hall said. “I found out that I can get a lot of my education paid for through military benefits.”

Hall said that after losing his job in 2010, he had a difficult time translating his military experience into civilian employment. He dedicated himself to earning a bachelor’s degree, and will graduate in December 2013. Part of Hall's dedication came from the fact that he finally knew what he wanted to do, making it easier for him to stay focused on his coursework.

“I am looking for a career and not just a job — not just something to put food on the table,” Hall said. “I always had education or teaching in the back of my mind, and I did a lot of it when I was in the Army for 10 years, so it just fit for me.”

Hall chose UW Oshkosh because his friend had talked about the high quality of the education program at UWO.

“I did my research on UW Oshkosh — looked at its proximity, the program and the professors — and I did research other schools as well, but UWO was a solid sell,” Hall said.

According to Hall, his transition back to college was easy because of the numerous resources that were available to him. Originally, the thought of using new technology was daunting to him. Attending an LLCE adult student resources technology workshop and using other resource offices on campus helped him to feel at ease.

“When I was younger I would have never taken advantage of all the services that I do now,” Hall said. “Use those services because that’s exactly what they’re there for.”

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