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Nontraditional Student Organization (NTSO)

NTSO is here to have fun and help each other succeed. 

We invite you to join us. We look forward to the continued support of our members and welcome those of you who will be joining us for the first time.

Each semester, NTSO encourages students and members to provide input about different academic and social based events they can host in order to foster a nontraditional student community support system. From juggling life's responsibilities to discussing challenged and motivations in the classroom, NTSO encourages relationship building and outreach efforts.

Our mission is to enhance the education experience of nontraditional students. 

We meet face-to-face and online, and we also communicate via email and Facebook. You can find someone to lean on for support or celebrate with in times of success.

If you are interested in participating in NTSO or want more information, call
Dawn Arnold at (920) 424-0234 or email her at

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Student in the Spotlight
Esther Dimaggio
Esther Dimaggio
Originally from Peru
Substitute Teacher

“Age doesn’t matter — every individual has great potential to become anything they choose to be.”

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