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Portfolio Option

Adult students may be able to earn credit for learning gained through years of experience at work, in military service, as volunteers, or in settings outside the formal classroom.

Credit for Prior Learning consists of two parts: the classroom and the portfolio. Through the development of a learning portfolio, UW Oshkosh provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate the college level learning and theory that they may have acquired.

Click here to download the UW Oshkosh Credit for Prior Learning policy.


Students will enroll in Interdisciplinary Studies 145, a two-credit course offered to help a student identify knowledge, skill and theory acquired through non-formal learning. Credit may be granted for documented prior learning that equals the learning and theory in courses needed for the student's degree program.

Learning Portfolio

Once a student has completed a portfolio as part of the Interdisciplinary Studies 145 course, it may be submitted to the relevant departments or programs for assessment. There is a 24 credit maximum.

Portfolios may be submitted in subsequent semesters without re-enrollment in the course and should be submitted prior to the student’s senior year. Students will receive a pass or fail (no letter grade).

Students pay regular tuition for the two-credit course. A nominal fee is charged for evaluation of each course for which the student is seeking credit.

Want more information?

To find out if you may be a candidate for Credit for Prior Learning or for assistance enrolling in Interdisciplinary Studies 145, contact  Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement at (920) 424-0234 or email for more information.

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