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College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP gives you the opportunity to receive college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on examinations. Earn credit for knowledge you've acquired through independent study, prior course work, on-the-job training, professional development, cultural pursuits or internships.

General Information

There are 34 CLEP exams currently available. Any high school or college student, or other person, who feels he/she has the required knowledge of these areas, may take these tests.

Students successfully completing the exams can request credit at the college level. To find out which exams UW Oshkosh accepts for credit, see the back of the Undergraduate Bulletin or view it online. UW Oshkosh advises that college students meet with their academic adviser prior to taking these exams.

More Information

For cost and further information, visit the Testing Services website or call (920) 424-1432. Register for a CLEP Exam >>

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Esther Dimaggio
Esther Dimaggio
Originally from Peru
Substitute Teacher

“Age doesn’t matter — every individual has great potential to become anything they choose to be.”

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