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Tutorials, Tools and Resources

At UW Oshkosh, students have a variety of online resources to make communicating and getting information easier than ever. If you have questions or need help with using these resources, view one of our tutorials!

If you have a problem logging in, setting up an account or cannot remember your password, call Academic Computing at (920) 424-3020.


TitanApps is the official communication mechanism for UW Oshkosh administrators, faculty and students. TitanApps is also one of the primary methods of communication between you and your academic advisor. Students are required to check their UW Oshkosh email account regularly, as they are responsible for the information they receive.

Desire2Learn (D2L)

D2L is your one-stop-shop for communicating with your instructors and classmates. Here you will find your course syllabus and may be required to make discussion postings as part of your class participation. View one of the tutorials to get help setting up or using your D2L account.

Tutorials for Students

Click here to learn more about D2L and read some frequently asked questions.


TitanWeb contains all of your important student information, including your grades and tuition bill. You can update your address, get an enrollment certificate, request your transcripts and more.

The Registrar's Office offers a variety of tutorials and PDF instructions for TitanWeb. Click here to view these resources.

Polk Library Tutorials and Tools

Polk Library has created online tutorials to make access to library services easy. View one of the tutorials and learn about the different advantages Polk can offer UW Oshkosh students.

Collaborate Tutorial

Collaborate is an online platform for virtual classes, workshops, and meeting places and can be accessed through D2L using your UW Oshkosh username and password. After logging in, look for the "online rooms" under navigation.

*Your instructor will need to add you to the room before it will appear for you in D2L.

If you have never used Collaborate before, please click on the link above to learn more.

Record Keeping Sheet

Download a Record Keeping Sheet that you can print out and use to keep track of your usernames and passwords that you may have while you are a student.

GPA Calculator

Use calculator one  to determine your semester GPA. This calculator takes repeats into consideration when calculating GPA.

Use calculator two to see the grade points awarded to each letter grade, and then to determine your semester GPA. Microsoft Excel is required.

Use calculator three to find out what grades you'll have to get to achieve your desired GPA. You just enter your current and desired GPAs, and the calculator lets you know what grades you need.

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