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Stacks Management Forms

These are some of the forms used daily supervision of the Stacks Management subunit, either for training the student employees or monitoring the regular workflow.

Shelving Accuracy Checklist

The basic checklist is filled out whenever a booktruck is organized for shelving. The organizer chooses 15 call numbers from among the books on the truck to be recorded on this list along with other information to identify the booktruck, the stacks area, the organizer, the shelver, and the checker. This checklist is NOT kept with the truck, and the organizer of a truck cannot shelve that truck, so the shelver does not know which books shelved are going to be checked. Once the truck has been shelved, each of these 15 books will be checked to verify that they were shelved in the correct location.

Activity Log

This log is used to track the activities of each student employee throughout his/her scheduled work shifts. I use it to verify timesheets, to monitor how much time is spent performing which duties, and to watch for potential problems with the student employees.

Approved Tasks List

For each academic year, every student employee in the subunit will have one of these checklists in their personnel record, to certify which duties each individual has been authorized to perform.

Daily Duties Chart

This chart is maintained as an erasable board at Stacks Management. It lists those tasks that must be performed on a regular basis. The student employees are taught to start with these tasks, to check each one off the board as they do them, so everyone knows what has and has not been done. This makes daily supervision much easier, and guarantees a minimum level of service throughout the year, regardless of the student schedule or my own.

EMC Accuracy Checklist

Now that Stacks Management is responsible for checking the shelving in the Educational Materials Collection, I designed a different Accuracy Checklist to use for this area, because there are so many different types of materials shelved in various sections of that collection.

Expanded Accuracy Checklist

Periodically, I like to have more than 15 books on particular booktrucks checked after shelving. This is especially important during the training period for each new employee, and also emphasizes to the students just how high a value I put on accurate shelving throughout the year. The shelvers do not know which trucks have been selected for this 'expanded' checking. This form is used to record 45 additional call numbers

Training Checklist

I use this checklist when training my student employees, so that I always know which students have been trained for which tasks and to what level. A new training checklist is started for each employee each academic year, so returning students can be 'reviewed' for each task, on a systematic basis.

Truck Identification Tag

One of these tags is prepared for each booktruck as it is organized for shelving, and it stays with the truck until it has been emptied. It enables me to track which employee shelved which books.

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