Instructor Online Services

Library Instruction for Online Courses

We offer several types of library instruction for online courses, including:

  • Live webinars
    • We can conduct a live webinar using Collaborate Ultra (integrated with D2L), Google Hangouts, or Skype. Length and content can be tailored to your needs. 
    • Webinars can be held during day, evening or weekend hours.
  • Custom tutorials
    • We can create assignment-specific video or text tutorials to help your students find and use library resources. You can view an example of one of these tutorials here: Company Research for Global Management
  • Librarian "embedded" in your D2L course
    • When you add an online learning librarian to your D2L course as your "Course Librarian," we can:
      • Create and/or monitor discussion boards (such as an "Ask the Librarian" board) and respond to student posts
      • Post tips and resources as news or content items
      • Create links to library content or ANVIL modules
      • Create quizzes and assignments to assess library skills
    • Course librarians do not have access to grades and will only add or edit course content with your permission.

If you are interested in any of these instruction services, please email


Linking to Library Resources

View these pages for instructions on creating durable links to UW Oshkosh Libraries resources in your D2L or Canvas courses. 


Embedding Video in Courses

View these pages for instructions on embedding library tutorials or streaming videos from UW Oshkosh Libraries collections in your D2L or Canvas courses. 


Accessing and Using Harvard Business Review materials 

View this page for instructions on how to access and use HBR materials, as well as alternative sources.