Scheduling Your Class

How do I schedule my class?

Sessions can be scheduled through the Instruction Request Form.


Does the Program provide evening and weekend sessions?

Yes, sessions can be done during normal library hours including evenings and weekends. Sessions outside of library hours can also be done in your classroom or in another computer lab. We only require computer and internet access.


If I have a large class, can the Library accommodate it?

The Library's two instruction rooms can accommodate around 30 students each. Larger classes can either be split between the rooms or can be taught instead in your classroom.


How far in advance should I schedule my class?

Classes should be scheduled as early as possible, at least a week in advance, for two reasons:

  • The instruction schedule can fill up quickly, especially in September and February. If you are teaching multiple sessions of a class, schedule early to ensure that all of your sessions can be done on the same day.
  • Library instructors require time to set up for your class, prepare handouts, test searches, and locate appropriate materials.

Can I ask for a particular librarian to teach my session?

Class instructors often develop working relationships with a librarian and will request that librarian when scheduling a session. Such requests are usually honored; however, circumstances such as other library duties, vacations, etc. may require that another librarian be substituted.


Do I need to accompany my class?

Yes, the Library strongly encourages instructors to accompany their students. Students are more focused when their instructors are present. Also instructors often make comments or ask questions which reinforce the information presented or bring up materials not covered in the librarian's presentation.


Do I need to do anything before my class comes in?

We ask that you send a copy of the assignment or a list of topics prior to your session. This allows the librarian to tailor examples and searches to your students' needs. Best practices demonstrate that tying a research assignment to a session makes instruction more relevant to students, because they can connect the information they learn to the work assigned to them.


At time of session

All library instruction classes are met by their librarian in the library lobby in front of the bookcases.



Please notify the Library Instruction Coordinator or the assigned librarian as soon as possible if you need to reschedule or cancel your session.