Welcome to ANVIL- Active Instructional Videos on Information Literacy. ANVIL is an interactive trivia-style game which teaches players concepts associated with information literacy. ANVIL is divided into six categories, with each category explaining a different concept via short (~5 minute) videos.

After watching the videos players can test their understanding of a concept by playing the game, in which they're given ten random questions (related to the concept) to answer before time runs out! Points are scored based on how quickly a player correctly answers the question; at the end of the round the points are totaled and posted to a scoreboard, where players can see how they compare to their peers, then play again to compete for the top score!

Please see the links below to learn more about the content covered in each category:

Information cycle

Understanding your assignment and developing a topic

Searching for information

Locating information

Evaluating information

Citing and ethically using information

Evaluating Information: Advanced

Connecting your Research to Sustainability, Civic Engagement, and Intercultural Knowledge

Advanced Searching: Multidisciplinary Research