Request a Course Page


If you want students to use Polk Library resources, but aren't sure where to start, request a course page:


What is a course page?


A course page consists of library resources curated specifically for your course by a UWO librarian.  The resources may include research databases, journals, books, videos, tutorials and more. For students that are not accustomed to researching outside of Google or other search engines, a course page provides an easier transition to college level research.


Click here to see an example of a course page for a sample CAPP English 101 course.   


For our undergraduate and graduate students, the course pages are designed to appear on their course Canvas page.  If you are using the UWO Canvas, you are welcome to do this as well.  If you aren't using Canvas or you are using Canvas for your school district, you can still have a course page.  In this case, the librarian will give you a link to your individual course page from our website.


To request a course page for your course, email