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Welcome to the new Library Course Pages. A course page consists of library resources curated specifically for your course by a Polk librarian. The resources may include research databases, journals, books, videos, tutorials and more. Now course pages feature 24/7 live chat with your course librarian or others at our university and beyond.

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For Students

How do I find my class's course page?

The easiest way is to go into your D2L course and find the Polk Library box on the course homepage. Otherwise if you know who your course librarian is, you can click their name below and find your course.


What if there is no course page?

If you can't find a course page, it is likely your instructor hasn't requested one or a librarian is in the process of creating one. Polk Librarians are still available to help with your research by chat, email, phone and one-on-one appointments.


For Faculty & Instructors

What is a Course Page?

A Course Page is a page of academic resources relevant to your course curated by a librarian. To see some examples, please click on a librarian link below.


How to get started?

To have a library course page curated for your course, please visit D2L. In the Polk Library widget on the homepage of your course, click the "Request Course Page" button. You can expect an email or call within the next few work days.


How do I edit the course page?

Each new library course page is curated by a librarian specifically for your course. If you would like any changes, please contact your course librarian.


Course Pages by Librarian

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Ane Carriveau

Marisa Finkey

Kelly Johnson

Erin McArthur

Missy Motl

Ted Mulvey

Joe Pirillo

Joshua Ranger