Proxy Patron Authorization

UW Oshkosh Libraries permits authorized patrons to check out materials for faculty and staff members. Any patron who wishes to give another person the authority to use their privileges must file a Proxy Patron Authorization form. A list of proxy patrons is created in the faculty member's patron record. At the point of checkout, the Proxy Patron must present their own valid TitanCard and give the name of the library patron for whom they wish to check out materials.

If you are submitting a list of Proxy Patrons for an entire department, attach a list of faculty members who wish to be included. Each faculty member’s signature must accompany this list.

The Proxy Patron will be unable to check out materials if: either the authorizing patron or the Proxy Patron have a block on their library privileges, the Proxy Patron does not have a valid TitanCard or the Proxy Patron Authorization Form has not been filed for that patron.