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Electronic Reserves have been discontinued. Traditional Reserves can now be found by searching under "Course Reserves (UW Oshkosh)" in Articles, Books & More.

Digital Reserve (formerly eReserve)

Articles from journals, chapters from books, syllabi, and other materials for educational use can be posted to electronic reserve. Library staff will post files to Desire2Learn in a special content module (folder) for each course.  Reserve staff will label that content module, "Resources from Polk Library".

Polk Library's reserve staff must be given permission by the instructor to access/modify content on D2L.  Please submit a D2L access agreement  form with your first reserve request to ensure timely processing of your reserve materials.  This agreement form will cover all future reserve requests and courses and only needs to be submitted once.  This permission agreement grants reserve staff the ability to add a module (folder) to your D2L content section for the purpose of posting and managing electronic reserve items.  This module, "Resources from Polk Library", will be the only section on your D2L course that the reserve staff will add, edit or maintain.

Articles from journals

  • If articles are available in Polk Library or in Polk Library owned full text databases, citations can be emailed to Please be sure to include course information with your request.
  • Photocopies to be scanned must be clean and free from gray shadows with minimal black margins and center stripes.

Chapters from books

  • Photocopies to be scanned must be free from gray shadows with minimal black margins and center stripes. In accordance with the guidelines of fair use (Section 107 of the U. S. Copyright Act), copyright information must be included on the first page of all photocopied materials. This information may be supplied by photocopying the title page (adding the copyright date) or the page where the copyright notice appears.  Click here to view copyright guidelines (PDF).
  • Reserve staff will retrieve books from the circulating collection to scan selections or chapters. Use the Reserve Form for Library-Owned Materials (be sure to include a comment at the bottom of the form indicating which selections you would like posted).  You can also send an email to supplying author, title, call number and chapter or page numbers wanted.  Be sure to include course & term information.
  • We are happy to scan directly from instructor provided sources. Fill out, print and sign the Reserve Materials Form. Items may be brought to the Circulation/Reserve Desk or sent through campus mail. Remember to include the Reserve Material form.

Syllabi, lecture notes, exams or other material

  • Electronic files are preferred and may be sent as attachments to .
  • Unpublished works by students may be placed on reserve with the student's written permission. The Student Paper Release Form should accompany all requests to place student work on reserve.
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