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Polk's website focus group

by: Kim Parsons, Communications Intern

The creation of a brand new website for Polk Library has been a series of trials and errors. Along with creating the website, the team conducted a focus group to see if the website was fulfilling its purpose of being easier to navigate than the old site.

On Tuesday, May 1, seven students participated in the focus group in Polk 116. The focus group helped Polk website developers find issues and problematic areas on the new site.

To begin, the focus group participants were given a self-discovery time in which they could become familiar with the new site. After a few minutes of clicking around the students were given specific tasks to perform. Tasks were used rather than questions, which can sometimes be misleading. An example of a task given includes…You are looking for the book, “The Hunger Games,” where would you find it on the Polk Library website?

The several tasks that were given to the participants were based off of what the Polk website is most commonly used for.

After the students completed the tasks they also took a short survey which asked questions about the ease of the new site compared to the old one and also had them list 3 suggestions to make the new site easier to navigate.

“This was our first focus group for the website, the success of the study exceeded our expectations,” said David Hietpas, Polk Library’s web developer.

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librarynews on May 14, 2012
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