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Polk helps with Iraq War Symposium

Polk Library is a proud sponsor of Saturday's  Iraq War in Retrospect symposium.  The event will provide citizens of Wisconsin with a unique opportunity to critically assess a war that impacted American (and Iraqi) society, politics and military families significantly over the past decade.  This first-of-its-kind symposium, made possible by a grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council and a partnership between the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and the Military Veterans Museum of Oshkosh, is free and open to the public, Saturday, November 10th from 8:30-4:30.

For its part, Polk Library's University Archives and Area Research Center has organized with students and help from the University's Veterans Resource Center, a unique information fair called Memory Corps which will operate co-currently with the symposium in the afternoon. Memory Corps brings together archival and museum professionals and others to help veterans with the preservation of their documents, objects, emails, photos and other items they have that help tell their war story.  "Digital files are much more fragile than, say, the paper used by soldiers in previous wars to write home," said UW Oshkosh archivist, Joshua Ranger.  "Veterans must take steps now to ensure that these items are around for their children, grandchildren and others to learn from."


Memory Corps will operate from 1-5 in Reeve 306.  All veterans and their families are encouraged to attend.  Symposium registration is not required.

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Ranger, Joshua P on November 07, 2012
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