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Flaming Love: An exhibit on the sexual revolution



Door open! One foot on the floor! Such was the law f in the dormitories in the late 1960s whenever a member of the opposite sex visited. And just a few years before, such individuals were never allowed past the lobby.  If students ever found themselves some privacy, you can be sure that easy access to most birth control and trusted information about venereal disease and abortion were unavailable on campus (or anywhere in the state for that matter.) The sexual revolution changed that and college campuses were frequently the main battleground over the liberalization of sexual mores. And while WSU-Oshkosh’s mid-sized Midwestern campus was not a Berkley or even a UW Madison, it was not immune to the winds of change…or the even the incense bearing, steamy breezes of flaming love.

To tell the story of the sexual revolution on campus, UW Oshkosh Archives STEP student Samantha Smith created a well-researched exhibit on the important aspects of the sexual revolution on the Oshkosh campus. Check it out—complete with the smoothest velvet poster of the era (entitled Flaming Love)—on the 3rd Floor, South Wing of campus. A web version (sans the velvet) can be found here:  Check it out!

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Ranger, Joshua P on October 08, 2013
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