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Kent State Gives Old Photographs

The University Archives recently received a small, but wonderful, gift from Kent State University:  three board mounted photographs of Oshkosh Normal School basketball and football teams from 1910 and 1911.


While the Kent State Archives did not have records on the provenance of the historical photographs, UW Oshkosh Archivist, Joshua Ranger, believes they were the property of instructor and coach (and ONS alumnus) Raymond E. Manchester.  After leaving Oshkosh, Manchester later became the Dean of Students at the Kent, Ohio University.   While not coaching, Manchester continued his interest in football at Kent State.  In the mid-1940s, he was responsible for converting an antique wagon wheel with ties to the University of Akron’s founding into a coveted traveling trophy given to the winners of the annual Kent State and Akron football game.

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Ranger, Joshua P on January 17, 2013
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