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Judge Rules Library Digitization Rules

Another big win for libraries involved in digitization

Two weeks ago, the Honorable Judge Harold Baer of the U.S. Southern District Court of New York ruled in favor of the Hathi Trust stating that typical library digitization of copyrighted works is within the boundaries of fair use.  Judge Baer agreed that digitizing for transformative uses like preservation, visually impaired technologies, and new aspects of digital humanities work is legal under the fair use exceptions of American copyright law.  This landmark decision allows major libraries, like those of UW System, to continue to advance digital initiatives like the Hathi Trust and beyond.

For a great and concise review of the decision, check out the blog entry of the impossibly young looking James Grimmelman, professor of Law at the New York Law School:

For an wonderfully spent afternoon, take time to investigate the deep and growing collections of the UW Digital Collections:

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Ranger, Joshua P on October 29, 2012
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