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Lorentz Film Screening: Oct. 30

Lorentz greeting a visitor at the dedication of the Pare Lorentz Room in its original location in the basement of Polk Library.
Chancellor Roger Guiles observes on Lorentz's right.  University Archives Photo 73-602_14.

Polk Library joins Radio-TV-Film Department as it celebrates the 75th anniversary of the release of the The River, the groundbreaking documentary film by director Pare Lorentz.   The River tells the story of the Mississippi and the efforts made by the Tennessee Valley authority to correct practices that contributed to flooding and erosion.   Lorentz took these serious but prosaic subjects and created a work of art through stunning visuals, a haunting score and a free-verse narration that was nominated for a Pulitizer prize.  Arguably, Lorentz’s best work, The River, is a must see for anyone with an interest in film or the environment.

Polk Library and UW Oshkosh have a special bond with Lorentz, often called Roosevelt’s filmmaker due to the many projects he did for the New Deal.  Lorentz’s  biographer, Dr. Robert Snyder, the founder of UW Oshkosh’s RTF program, formed a strong bond with the filmmaker that led his several visits to Oshkosh.  In addition to meeting and talking with classes,  in 1971, Lorentz was given UW Oshkosh’s first  honorary professor ship and in 1973, Lorentz donated his films and books  to the Polk Library to form a special collection dedicated to his career, the New Deal and filmmaking in general.   This collection is described in Polk’s online catalog and accessible via the University Archives and Area Research Center, 3rd floor at Polk.  The

The Radio-TV-Film department hosts a special screening of The River in the theater at the Reeve Memorial Union, room 307 at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 30.

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Ranger, Joshua P on October 25, 2012
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