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Trial: History Videos

Polk Library is happy to announce a new trial for the American History in Video database from Alexander Street Press. This large collection of over 5000 videos, range from documentaries to primary historical resources. Sources such as PBS, WGBH Boston, The History Channel and the National Archives are featured in the collection. The database is great for history and RTF students or anyone trying to find visual sources to tie into their projects. Faculty looking for visual materials to enhance instruction may find this tool useful.

The database trial expires on Nov. 3, 2012.

Polk Library regularly accepts offers for new database trials with the intention of providing a temporary learning resource to the campus community. The library believes it should take advantage of these opportunities regardless of the short-term access. For comments and questions about this or other databases, please contact Ron Hardy at

Posted by:
Ranger, Joshua P on October 08, 2012
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