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Polk Book Sale=Success

by: Kimberly Parsons, Communications Intern

On Tuesday, April 10 and Wednesday, April 11 Polk Library held its annual book sale. The sale, which has been going on for eight years, attracts many people from the university and also the Oshkosh community.

Signs outside of Polk lead visitors to the sale, which took place across from the Circulation desk, where thousands of books were waiting to be sold. Books for sale ranged from classic literature to a biography of Kenny Rogers.

Other items for sale included VHS tapes, DVDs, old history class maps and canvas Polk Library bags.

Stephanie Spellman, a junior at UW Oshkosh who visited the Polk book sale for the first time this year said, β€œI love books and it is so fun to find them at such good prices. I will definitely come back next year.”

Ron Hardy, Head of Collections and Technical Services and book sale organizer said, β€œIt is great to do this every year. Students, staff and members of the community really show their love of books by buying thousands of them each year.”

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librarynews on May 03, 2012
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