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Newly Renovated Leisure Reading Room

by: Kim Parsons, Communications Intern

For those of you brave enough to venture to the second floor of Polk Library you may have noticed the newly renovated Leisure Reading Room.

The Leisure Reading Room, which was created in 1978, is a comfortable space that offers a collection of books to give students a break from their required course readings.

“I like studying in here because it’s really cozy,” said UW Oshkosh sophomore Cassie Haltinner.

The room and its collection is managed by the Leisure Reading Club, which purchases books and magazines for the room by reading suggestions that students and other campus community members can leave on the web site.

Jenna Roberts, the Leisure Reading Club president said, “We are in charge of picking out the books that go in the Leisure Reading Room. We usually look at best seller lists to see what people are currently reading. We also take requests if there is something that may not be a best seller but people want to read.”

Another feature of the Leisure Reading Room is a tool that allows users to browse and search the leisure collection graphically. It is a great way to find books that you may or may not know about. You are able to browse books by genre or by title and author as well.

All of the money that the Leisure Reading Room receives from OSA goes directly to purchasing materials for the collection. “We are an organization that provides for the entire campus community, anyone is able to use the materials that we buy. We are not specific to a certain department so we try to buy material that everyone would enjoy,” Roberts said.

Included in the room are biographies, novels and even a gaming section with board games. With the help of the Leisure Reading Club, Polk hopes to keep increasing awareness and making the Leisure Reading Room a place that students, staff and commuters use frequently.

To check out the Leisure Reading Room collection click the link below:

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